Crypto Bit Squad, Inc. Privacy Statement

Effective Date: March 5, 2018

We at Crypto Bit Squad (the “Company”) recognize that privacy is important to you. You are entrusting the Company with your personal information, and we take that very seriously. This Privacy Statement (the “Statement”) describes in detail our privacy policies, the information we gather, how we maintain and secure that information, and how we use that information. By using the Crypto Bit Squad, Inc. Services (the “Service” or “Services”) or the BitTaxer web application, mobile application, or other related software (the “Site” or “Sites”), you (the “User”) consent to the privacy practices and policies disclosed herein.

A.) General Scope of the Privacy Statement

This Privacy Statement applies to any services offered by Crypto Bit Squad, Inc., including, but not limited to, the use of the Sites and Services. The Statement applies to anyone using the Sites or Services including a User or interested customer. Though creating an account is the standard means by which a User utilizes the Sites and Services, once a User engages the Services of the Company, by any reasonable means, this Statement applies. This Statement is incorporated into and a part of the Crypto Bit Squad Terms of Service. The use of the Sites, Services or both are subject to this Statement and also to the Terms of Service.

B.) Contact Information

If a User has any questions or concerns regarding this Privacy Statement, or has reason to believe User security, as related to the Sites, Services or both, has been breached, please contact the Company at the following:

Phone: 1-800-516-3503


C.) User Consent

By using the Services, the Sites, or both, User consents to this Statement and the Company’s collection, maintenance, and use of User Information as detailed herein. If a User does not wish to consent to this Statement and to the collection, maintenance, and use of User information, the User is not permitted to use the Sites or Services.

D.) Collected Information

The Company will automatically collect some information related to the use of the Sites and will collect other information by request, which is used to assist the Company in providing the Services (all collected information collectively referred to as “User Information”). All User Information is stored and secured via the Company’s secure databases (the “Databases”). A list of what we collect and how we collect it is detailed in the sections below.

1.) Automatic Collection

When a User uses the Sites and Services, we may automatically collect certain information from a User and the User’s computer or other device that will become a part of the User Information. Such information may include the User’s IP address, a timestamp of the User’s visit, the User’s browser type and operating system, certain hardware and software settings, and use of the Sites by the User. The Company may also collect information regarding websites visited by a User before or after visiting the Site. If a User utilizes a mobile device to access the Site, the Company may track the User’s geographic location.

2.) Cookies

To enhance the use of the Sites, the Company may send Cookies to the User. When User visits the Sites or otherwise use the Services, the Cookies will be sent to a User’s computer or device to store certain uses of the Sites by the User. Cookies do not identify personal information of a User but are linked to information that could identify the personal information of a User. The cookies are meant to enhance the User’s experience when using the Sites. Such cookies may disappear at the end of a User session and others may be maintained for future visits. Cookies may be removed but removing cookies could provide for a lesser User experience.

3.) Account Information

Further User Information is obtained when a User creates an account and uses the Sites and/or Services. To use the Sites, Services, or both a User must create a username and password (the “User Account Information” or “Account Information”) which will be used to login to the Sites and use the Services. This Account Information, along with other User Information, is stored via the Databases. The Company allows and provides support for the use of an application programming interface key (“API key”), which, if used, is encrypted and stored in the Databases. The User can also manually enter User Account Information.

4.) Contact Information and Communications

Once the User Account Information is created, the Company will collect a User email address for communication purposes and may from time-to-time collect other user contact information, for instance a User’s address and phone number, for communication or verification/authentication purposes. Any communications between the Company and a User are securely stored within the Databases.

To provide the Services, the Company will request certain financial documents and information from the User. Such documents and information are related to virtual currency and may be in the form of exchange recordation, hard wallet recordation, a User’s personal virtual currency recordation, or other similar means. This information is included in the User Information and is stored and secured as detailed herein.

All User Information as detailed herein applies to this Statement and is collected, stored and maintained via the secure Databases.

E.) Maintenance and Continued Storage of User Information

Once collected, any and all User Information is secured via the Databases and is retained within the Databases and for use by the Company, as detailed herein, unless and until the User expressly requests the removal of the User Information from the Databases, or if applicable law states otherwise. When a User expressly makes a request to have User Information removed from the Databases, the User Information is converted to anonymous information that no longer includes the User’s personal identifiers, and is then retained and used, anonymously, for internal analysis by the Company.

F.) Protection of User Information

The Company takes appropriate measures to secure all User Information collected from a User. User Information is secured by the Databases, which is operated and secured by an industry-leading data storage service provider. All User Information is encrypted, stored, and secured by the data storage service provider. From time-to-time, the Company will conduct internal testing of the security of its data storage to ensure its proper function and protection. The Company also utilizes industry-leading service providers to protect any information that is transmitted over the Internet. The Company will use its best efforts to ensure the protection of all User Information.

G.) User Information and the Services

User Information is extremely important to the Company’s operation and is needed for the Company to provide the Services. The Company only request and maintain information that it believes is necessary to provide the level of service needed to meet User expectations. As noted above, User Information may be automatically collected to help the Company with improved user experience of the Site or for analytical purposes, and information may be requested to allow the Company to provide the Services and to assist a User with any needs related to the Services. We may utilize User Information to provide the Services to a User and/or to create a better user experience for a User, or we may use it for internal analysis of our Services and Sites to provide for better services and a better experience with the Company and Sites.

The Company will utilize User Information to provide the Services. This may include a request for documents to assist a User in completing forms, and it may include communications to a User. The Company may also use contact information provided by the User to the Company to communicate promotional materials to a User or remind a User of status updates.

H.) Third Party Use and Partners

The Company does not engage third party partners with which it discloses any User Information for the benefit of those parties. Any and all third-party partners and/or relationships with third-party service providers, such as but not limited to, Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), data storage providers, web hosting providers, or payment processing providers, are solely for the User’s benefit and to provide the Services. The Company may from time-to-time engage such and other third-party service providers to support or enhance the Services, the Sites, or both.

The Sites offer information for contacting third party partners, such as CPAs, which is done strictly at the User’s discretion. User Information will be provided to a CPA at the request of a User, at which time the User can engage the services of the CPA independent and separate from the Sites, Services, or Software.

All User Information is maintained in the Databases and used solely for use with the Sites, Services, or both.

I.) Required Disclosures

An instance may arise in which the Company is required by law to disclose User Information. Such an instance may be as a result of a warrant, court order, subpoena, or otherwise. The Company takes the security of User Information very seriously and will not disclose User Information where it is not required to do so. However, if required by state or federal law, the Company may have no option but to disclose User Information to particular governmental agencies or governmental employees.

J.) User Access

User’s will have access to all User Information during and following the use of the Services and Sites up until such a time as the User requests removal of the User Information. At that time, all User Information will be anonymized and will no longer have an association with the User. The Company will not be able to provide the User with User Information once this request has been made. The Company will no longer have the information necessary to identify the User Information.

If a User is made aware of a breach of their User Information, including, but not limited to User Account Information, the User should inform the Company of such a breach.

K.) Business Transfers

User Information is critical to the Company and to properly providing the Services. Such Information becomes a part of the Company’s business records. If there comes a time when the Company becomes involved in any acquisition or merger of the Company by another entity or entities, which would include the assets of the Company, User Information may be transferred to that entity or entities. In the event of such a transfer, the Company will notify the User of any changes to the maintenance and use of User Information. Any changes will be considered a Statement Change as detailed herein and will include the Company’s policies and procedures related to such changes.

L.) Statement Change

This Statement may change from time-to-time in response to changing policies and/or procedures, whether internal or by law. When changes are made, the Company will notify the User of such changes, will note that an older version of this Statement is no longer in effect, and will prominently display a notice of the updated Statement on the Sites. When such changes are made, continued use of the Services effectuates the User’s agreement to the updated Statement and underlying policies and procedures, unless the User notifies the Company of non-agreement within 30 days of the updated Statement. If a User does not agree to the updated Statement and informs the Company of its non-agreement within 30 days, the Company will refund any fees paid to the Company by the User that were made during the period of the updated Statement or to any ongoing fees associated with continuing the Services from the date of the updated Statement to cancellation of the services.