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All-In-One Calculations & Form Generation

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Quickly and Easily calculate your clients’ income, deductions, capital gains & losses from virtual currency trades.

BitTaxer Magic!

Simply import your clients’ transactions, let BitTaxer work its magic, then export and attach to the tax return, or export to CSV and add sorted transactions to larger client tax filing. Put away all those spreadsheets and get back to running your business!


Develop Cryptocurrency Tax Expertise

Guidance System & Resources

Easily Import Data

Easily import your clients’ trade histories, spending, and income from transactions and mining. Our intuitive guidance system, exchange API integration, and import tools make this a snap.

Save Time & Resources

Answer a few simple questions about your client, and watch BitTaxer crunch the numbers, classify transactions, and calculate their capital gains and losses.

In seconds, their reports will be ready to export. Then sit back, relax, and enjoy all the time that BitTaxer just saved you.

BitTaxer Know-How

And to get you ramped up on the cryptocurrency tax landscape, you’ll also get exclusive CPA-access to cryptocurrency tax templates, advice, an FAQ resource authored by CPAs familiar with cryptocurrency taxes, and other resources through the BitTaxer Blog.

BitTaxer Pro for CPAs


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BitTaxer Pro for CPAs

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Gain awareness, differentiation, and new client leads through the BitTaxer BitTaxer CPA Network.

Complete the BitTaxer CPA Certification and you’ll be featured at the top of our CPA Listings page, the de facto resource for cryptocurrency traders to find CPAs certified in cryptocurrency tax and the BitTaxer platform.

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